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Provides Non-Frozen Storage and Shipping Stability for Cells and Tissues.

HypoThermosol® FRS (HTS-FRS) biopreservation media is a novel, engineered, optimized hypothermic storage and shipping media. Serum-free, protein-free HypoThermosol is designed to provide maximum storage and shipping stability for cells and tissues at 2-8°C. This proprietary, optimized formulation mitigates temperature-induced molecular cell stress responses that occur during chilling and re-warming of cells and tissues, for customer research and clinical applications.

Similar to our companion freeze media CryoStor®, HypoThermosol® FRS includes components that scavenge free radicals, provide pH buffering, oncotic/osmotic support, energy substrates, and ionic concentrations that balance the intracellular state at low temperatures. Across a broad spectrum of cell and tissue types, HypoThermosol FRS has proven effective in reducing post-preservation necrosis and apoptosis.

HypoThermosol® FRS meets USP Sterility and USP Endotoxin testing standards, and is manufactured per cGMP.

• Pre-Formulated
• Serum-Free
• Protein-Free
• USP/Highest Quality Components
• cGMP Manufactured
• FDA Master File
• Sterility, Endotoxin, and Cell-Based Release Testing

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