CryoStor® CS5 Freeze Media

Product description

Optimized Freeze Media for Cells and Tissues.

CryoStor® proprietary freeze media products are intended for cryopreservation of biologics at -70 to -196°C.

All CryoStor products are pre-formulated with USP-grade DMSO, a permeating cryoprotective agent that helps mitigate damage from the formation of ice. Across a broad spectrum of cell types, CryoStor formulations have proven more effective in reducing post-preservation apoptosis and necrosis than commercial and home-brew isotonic and extracellular formulations.

CryoStor products meet USP Sterility and USP Endotoxin testing standards and are manufactured per cGMP.

  • Pre-Formulated
  • Serum-Free
  • Protein-Free
  • USP/Highest Quality Components
  • cGMP Manufactured
  • FDA Master File
  • Sterility, Endotoxin, and Cell-Based Release Testing
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